Where Brands Aren’t Just Seen, They Are Experienced

Bars • Nightclubs • Restaurants • Hotels & Resorts • Live Entertainment Venues • Bowling Alleys • Arcades’ • Gentlemen’s Clubs …and more.

Hospitality & Entertainment Professionals Regionally Unite at The Show, To Discover & Experience the Newest Products & Trends of Our Industry.

The SHOW is designed to stimulate Local & Regional Brand Awareness and Increase Local Business Revenue into carefully selected markets. Our primary venue choice is to work with Indian Gaming Casinos, producing Multiple Room Nights, Food & Beverage revenue streams & local awareness of the hosted property.

The SHOW is a Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Professionals Event, built by the Top Industry Professionals in the World Today.

We Are Now Booking Dates for 2018

Ryan Dahlstrom

Founder & Producer of The SHOW

Ryan Dahlstrom is a Certified Bar Expert by The Hospitality Association of America
President - Nightclub Hall of Fame™
Founder - Bar Manuals
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